Proposal Submission

Grant Criteria

  • The Endowment makes grants to nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organizations and institutions and to governmental agencies.
  • VEE encourages requests for specific projects that promise measurable results to improve the environment.  Applicants should describe specifically how they propose to measure the success of a grant project.
  • Grant funds are not provided for general support, overhead, indirect costs, capital projects, land purchases, building construction or renovation, endowments, lawsuits, or to individuals.
  • Projects are required to have matching funds in amounts equal to or in excess of the grant request.  Challenge grants may be offered to provide leverage in fundraising.
  • Proposals must be complete and submitted by the deadline.
  • Grants must align with the mission and priorities of the Virginia Environmental Endowment.
  • Proposals that are clearly outside the purposes and geographic limitations of our grant-making programs may be declined without further review.
  • Grantees are required to submit periodic reports of progress, expenditures, and results.  Approved grants are paid in installments on a reimbursement basis.  VEE does not reimburse project costs that are incurred before the authorization date of any grant that might be awarded. Grants are typically awarded in October and April.
  • Each year the Endowment receives requests far in excess of available funds.  In fairness to others, applicants are asked not to apply to the Endowment more than once a year.

Required Documentation

  • A cover letter identifying the applicant, project title, grant request, matching funds, project schedule, and whether the proposal is being submitted to the Virginia Program or the Kanawha and Ohio River Valleys Program.
  • A project description, limited to five pages, clearly stating the need for the project, goals and objectives and how they will be achieved, how project results will be measured, and relationship to other work being done in the field.  It is suggested that the description include aspects of Collective Impact or collaboration, when applicable.
  • A description of the organization, names and qualifications of key project staff, a list of the members of the governing board, the current operating budget, and a copy of the current tax-exempt ruling from the Internal Revenue Service, if applicable.
  • A line-item budget for the proposed project, showing total project costs, the amount and proposed allocation of grant funds requested from the Endowment, and all sources and amounts of matching funds, which must be equal to or exceed the requested grant.
  • The project schedule, with specific beginning and ending dates for requested grant support. Board decisions about proposals are normally made in April and October.
  • A detailed plan for evaluating and disseminating project results, for continuing project activities, and for raising future financial support, if applicable.

Two copies of the complete proposal signed by the organization’s chief executive officer or board chair must be received by the program deadline date.  If possible, please email the proposal to VEE as well, preferably as a Word document: send to

The Endowment does not review or comment on preliminary proposals.

Application Deadlines

Proposals must be received by the Endowment by 5 p.m. (ET) on the following dates:

  1. Virginia Program: June 15th and December 1
  2. Kanawha and Ohio River Valleys Program: Beginning in 2018, December 1 (previously  June 15)
  3. James River Water Quality Improvement Program: VEE anticipates receiving proposals beginning in June 2018 with the VEE Board of Directors awarding its first grants in October 2018. The Endowment expects to receive proposals for the James River Program once a year – each June.
  • When the date falls on a weekend or holiday, the following business day will be the deadline.
  • The Endowment has a strict policy on receipt of complete proposals by deadlines. Without exception, late proposals will not be accepted.
  • Board decisions about proposals are normally made in April and October.

Submission Information

For delivery by U.S. mail, address to:

Joseph H. Maroon
Executive Director
Virginia Environmental Endowment
P.O. Box 790
Richmond, Virginia 23218-0790

Package delivery address:

Virginia Environmental Endowment
SunTrust Center
919 E Main Street, Suite 1070
Richmond, VA 23219