Reporting Requirements

Grant recipients are required to furnish the Endowment with written reports during the grant period in accordance with the schedule set up at the time a grant is offered.

Interim reports should be two to three pages in length and provide a summary of progress to date toward project objectives, or since the last such report. These reports should include a financial summary showing in detail how the Endowment funds have been expended during the period.

The final report must be accompanied by financial statements and should follow the following format.


Grant recipients are asked to submit a final report that shall include a statement of total project costs, allocation of VEE grant funds and a summary of sources and amounts of matching funds raised from other sources. In addition, the final report shall address the outcomes and results associated with the grant by answering each of the questions below:

  • What were the project’s results/outcomes?
  • Did the project accomplish its goals? What significant internal and external factors impacted outcomes?
  • What differences exist between the way your organization planned and implemented the project? What do the differences mean to the project and your organization?
  • What unanticipated opportunities or challenges arose?
  • Does your organization plan to continue the project in the future? Why or why not?
  • What are your biggest lessons learned? To what extent will your organization adapt its approach in the future based upon these learnings?
  • Is the project replicable? If so, what plans does your organization have for disseminating results and sharing information (for example, to the public or decision makers, where applicable)?
  • To what extent did a collaborative approach help advance project implementation?
  • Are there ways in which VEE could have been more helpful throughout the term of the grant?