Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When can I apply for a grant?

The Virginia Environmental Endowment (VEE) accepts grant proposals twice a year, in June and December, for the Virginia Program.  Beginning in 2018, proposals will be due by December 1 for the Kanawha and Ohio River Valleys Program.  VEE anticipates receiving proposals beginning in June 2018 for the new James River Water Quality Improvement Program.  Check the Proposal Submission section of this site for specific application procedures.

2. What does VEE look for in a grant application?

VEE is interested in using its resources to make a lasting difference in the environment through the work of our partners.  Therefore, the application should be consistent with our priorities and have a reasonable chance of producing tangible results such as on-the-ground impacts or policy changes or improvements.  We encourage collaborations and collective impact and, whenever possible, look for organizations with a demonstrated track record of success.  We also favor proposals that have cash matches and the potential to leverage continued support from other sources.  We look for proposals that have regional or statewide significance and that benefit Virginians directly.  Some additional factors include: need for the project; feasibility and cost; qualifications of the organization and people involved; expectations of specific results that will improve the quality of the environment; ability to be replicated or serve as models.  Grant funds are not provided for litigation, general support, overhead, indirect costs, capital projects, land purchases, building construction or renovation, endowments or to individuals.

3. If successful, when will the grant funds become available?

The VEE Board considers the December proposals at its spring meeting (normally in April).  The June proposals are reviewed at the fall meeting (October).  Successful grantees typically receive the first installment of funds shortly thereafter, once the grant agreement is completed.

4. What are VEE’s reporting requirements?

In general, grantees report on progress quarterly.  Grant funds are released after reports are submitted and reviewed.  A final report is due at the end of the project with greater detail and financial reports.

5. Is there a specific application form that I must use?

Not currently.

6. Can I submit my proposal online?

VEE asks applicants to submit two copies of the proposal in hard copy. It is also helpful for us to have an email copy of the main proposal, preferably as a Word document (no need to include all the attachments).

7. Does VEE accept unsolicited proposals?

Yes, but all prospective grantees are encouraged to submit applications that are consistent with VEE’s priorities and according to the application deadline schedules.

8. Do you give grants to causes other than the environment?

There are over 80,000 foundations and endowments in the United States, and although VEE is one of only a handful that focuses exclusively on environmental grant-making and was the first in the nation to do so in 1977, there are hundreds of other foundations that make environmental grants. Many can be found through the Environmental Grantmakers Association ( Also, there is a Chesapeake Bay Funders Network ( operating in the region that includes VEE and several other grant-makers.